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You just never know about people

You never really know about people.  I don’t mean that in a negative way although you could use it that way.  What I mean is that the more you get to know someone the more layers you find to who … Continue reading

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The Bush brothers

I am fascinated with politics but I am more interested in the people behind the politics.  It is so easy to demonize people and forget that behind the political differences there are real people with real problems.  The high pressure … Continue reading

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My brother is my opposite

I have an older brother who is really my opposite.  I suppose Doppelganger would be the correct term.  Growing up we got along pretty well but our age difference kept us apart.  I am 10 years younger so we never … Continue reading

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Children of power – Julie Nixon

My sister and her husband are celebrating the ten year anniversary of their business this weekend.  Ten years ago my brother in law started with an idea and an empty bank account.  This weekend he is nearing the multimillion dollar … Continue reading

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The path of Caroline Kennedy

I had a friend whose brother recently passed away.  My friend is the sole remaining survivor of his family.  Both of his parents and his sister had passed away years ago.  Now, last month, his brother passed away leaving my … Continue reading

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Chelsea Clinton for president?

I thought I read somewhere that Chelsea Clinton was considering running for office.  I thought that had to be a mistake.  You can see what the White House did to her family and all of the political pressure it put … Continue reading

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