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You just never know about people

You never really know about people.  I don’t mean that in a negative way although you could use it that way.  What I mean is that the more you get to know someone the more layers you find to who … Continue reading

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The men behind the myths

I am fascinated with the real people behind the public persona we see.  I am most fascinated with the men behind the former presidents.  In this political climate we have drawn so many harsh lines and easily demonize our opponents.  … Continue reading

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You are never too old

My kids love the recent Pixar movie UP.  Whenever we watch a movie my kids have to pick the character they want to be and surprisingly my sons both wanted to be Carl Frederickson, the senior citizen hero of the … Continue reading

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I don’t get Flag Day

We have a lot of holidays and some of them are just bizarre.  I kind of understand arbor day but I do not really get what May Day is all about.  Another holiday I never understood was Flag Day.  I … Continue reading

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Bullies still exist

My son has a bully at school and it drives me crazy.  My son tries to put on a brave face but there are times when the tears start to roll and I go into a rage.  Now, this bully … Continue reading

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My little princess

My youngest child is a daughter and she rules the house.  It was recently one of my sons birthday but my youngest had to make the day about her.  She sets the agenda of what everyone will play, what everyone … Continue reading

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Still attacking Sarah Palin

I was watching a popular sitcom the other day and was really surprised to see them take a pretty brutal swipe at Sarah Palin.  Now, it was not a surprise that they attacked her.  The people who are on this … Continue reading

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The Bush brothers

I am fascinated with politics but I am more interested in the people behind the politics.  It is so easy to demonize people and forget that behind the political differences there are real people with real problems.  The high pressure … Continue reading

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My father’s shadow

My father casts a long shadow.  In the town where I live many people know him and any time they hear my last name they automatically ask me if I am related to him.  I cannot go to the grocery … Continue reading

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My parents raised me well

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and I have been thinking a lot about my childhood.  I really do not have a lot to complain about but I had issues like any other person.  My parents did the best they could but … Continue reading

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