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My little princess

My youngest child is a daughter and she rules the house.  It was recently one of my sons birthday but my youngest had to make the day about her.  She sets the agenda of what everyone will play, what everyone … Continue reading

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My father’s shadow

My father casts a long shadow.  In the town where I live many people know him and any time they hear my last name they automatically ask me if I am related to him.  I cannot go to the grocery … Continue reading

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All in the family

I find it amazing the differences you can find in one family.  I was recently visiting with a friend of mine.  I had not seen him in years and went over for dinner.  While there my friend started to talk … Continue reading

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I will never run for US President…

There are a lot of things that I wanted to do with my life.  I remember wanting to be an actor, a firefighter, and an FBI agent.  However, I never had the desire to be a US President.  I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Is Jackie Kennedy the best presidential mom ever?

I am in shock with the way I saw a mother treating her son at the stores.  The boy was very young and naturally wanted to go to the candy aisle.  His mother started to yell at him and berate … Continue reading

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The last note to JFK, Jr.

My older brother is a junior and he always resented that.  I could never understand why he resented this but he did.  I remember when he and his first wife were going to have a baby and I asked him … Continue reading

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Will Jenna Bush ever be known as Jenna Hager?

My wife’s maiden name is a very common last name.  In fact, in a certain northeast state there are towns, roads, highways, hotels, and churches that carry her maiden name. I remember visiting her family just prior to our marriage … Continue reading

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Children of power – Julie Nixon

My sister and her husband are celebrating the ten year anniversary of their business this weekend.  Ten years ago my brother in law started with an idea and an empty bank account.  This weekend he is nearing the multimillion dollar … Continue reading

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The path of Caroline Kennedy

I had a friend whose brother recently passed away.  My friend is the sole remaining survivor of his family.  Both of his parents and his sister had passed away years ago.  Now, last month, his brother passed away leaving my … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and I have to really get something great for my wife.  She works full time, has an additional part time job, and really takes the lead raising our kids.  I don’t deserve to have her … Continue reading

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