The men behind the myths

I am fascinated with the real people behind the public persona we see.  I am most fascinated with the men behind the former presidents.  In this political climate we have drawn so many harsh lines and easily demonize our opponents.  I love learning the human element behind these men who lead the world.

A great source for me has been learning this through presidential historian Doug Wead.  I appreciate the human factor presidential historian Doug Wead puts to many of these men I learned about in school.   Presidential historian Doug Wead is filled with so many personal facts about our presidents that brings them to life.

I watched an interview with presidential historian Doug Wead where he was discussing our former presidents.  Presidential historian Doug Wead told us of George Washington and how he was in love with his neighbor’s wife.  The presidential historian went on to say that President Lincoln was considered a buffoon by many of his contemporaries.  Lincoln’s election was considered a sham because of the split in the democratic party.  What we can learn from a presidential historian really brings this all to life.

It is facts like these that help me humanize the men I see on currency.  A presidential historian can not only help us see who came before us but put a frame on who is currently leading us.  The facts and lessons we learn from a presidential historian can inform our decision we make in the ballot box.

I am so appreciative of what I learn every time I see presidential historian Doug Wead interviewed.  I found his insights during the election season helpful in a way that only a presidential historian can bring.  I think the greatest value a presidential historian brings is to remind us that behind the candidate or elected official is a real person with real life experiences.

I am thankful for presidential historians.  Electing a president is one of the most important decisions we can make and the insight of a presidential historian is invaluable.

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You are never too old

My kids love the recent Pixar movie UP.  Whenever we watch a movie my kids have to pick the character they want to be and surprisingly my sons both wanted to be Carl Frederickson, the senior citizen hero of the story.  In fact, they almost came to blows over who would “be” him for the movie.  Then the young boy character Russel came onscreen and my oldest decided to be him.

What is great about that movie is that the hero of the story is a senior citizen.  He gets into a sword fight, gets his house to float with helium balloons, climbs a zeppelin upside down, and outruns a pack of trained attack dogs.  I had to appreciate the honoring Pixar did to those who many would consider too old.

In the upcoming election season, which is going to start before we know it, one of the issues that will surface is Ron Paul’s age.  Ron Paul’s age will be used as an excuse as to why he should not run and just leave presidential politics altogether.  Ron Paul’s age will be used as a liability against him.  As in many attacks that overlook the actual issue Ron Paul’s age will distract from his message.

I came across an interesting article by Doug Wead where he tackles the tough issue of Ron Paul’s age.  He argues that many of our recent great leaders were the same age as Ron Paul’s age will be during the upcoming election season.  Doug won me over when he pointed out that Ron Paul’s age will match President Reagan’s age.

Ron Paul’s age is just another side issue to drive a wedge against those who would be interested in hearing what he has to say.  Ron Paul’s age will once again be used as an issue to sideline him from making his voice heard.

I hope that people will not allow Ron Paul’s age to distract them from the message.  I hope his opponents will not use Ron Paul’s age as a cheap attack point.  If my kids can accept a senior citizen hero, I would hope our country could do the same.

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I don’t get Flag Day

We have a lot of holidays and some of them are just bizarre.  I kind of understand arbor day but I do not really get what May Day is all about.  Another holiday I never understood was Flag Day.  I do understand that our flag is important and we should honor it, but do we really need Flag Day to be a national holiday?  I mean, the flag is great but does it need it’s own day?

My son is learning the importance of the flag and even to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  And I am sure on Flag Day his teachers will come up with some sort of explanation of why we have Flag Day.  But I wanted to find out the reason we have Flag Day and why it is important.  So, I went online and found presidential historian Doug Wead explain Flag Day.  I swear, this man is like a walking history book!

Doug Wead explained that the flag first got its importance in war.  The flag signified where you went in battle and if your flag touched the ground then the battle stopped and you lost.  That was so fascinating to me.  Flag Day started to seem a little more important.

Flag Day reminds us that it was our flag that people literally died for in battle.  Flag Day reminds us that carrying the flag into battle was a high honor and incredibly dangerous.  As I watched the interview and saw the same flag from the Star Spangled Banner I started to understand Flag Day.  Flag Day is less about the cloth that waves from a pole and more about the people who gave their life for it.

And then it turns out that Doug Wead’s grandmother’s first cousin (what a mouthful) was actually responsible for pushing Flag Day through Congress.  I think I now appreciate why she did that and why Flag Day is so important.  Flag Day is about all of us and what we each do to make this country great.

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Bullies still exist

My son has a bully at school and it drives me crazy.  My son tries to put on a brave face but there are times when the tears start to roll and I go into a rage.  Now, this bully is in preschool but it still infuriates me.  Maybe I could go after this kid’s dad.

I was also talking to a teenager who was the subject to online bullying.  A bully set up a website and was posting false information about him.  The kids at school started reading this website and started teasing him because of the lies on the internet.  Who knows why people feel compelled to write lies on the internet?  I suppose you can hide behind anonymous names and made up facts but it still comes down to plain lies on the internet.

There was an interesting article about lies on the internet by presidential historian Doug Wead.  His life has been plagued by lies on the internet.  Despite living a life devoted to charity and history someone felt compelled to write lies on the internet to attack him.  His article pointed out that the lies on the internet were written by someone who had never met him.

There is a psychology behind those who post lies on the internet.  Those who post lies on the internet are really trying to make a career off of people like Doug Wead.  Doug Wead has a large following and by posting lies on the internet these people are trying to parasite some of his notoriety for their own gain.  I could feel the frustration that Doug Wead has toward this person posting lies on the internet about him, but he handled it with the class I have grown accustomed to reading in his blogs.

There will always be bullies.  Whether it is the preschooler making my son cry, the high schooler picking on someone online, or the cowards writing lies on the internet they will continue to bully.  However, there are people like Doug Wead who show us how to handle these bullies and lies on the internet with dignity.

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My little princess

My youngest child is a daughter and she rules the house.  It was recently one of my sons birthday but my youngest had to make the day about her.  She sets the agenda of what everyone will play, what everyone will watch, and what they will eat.  She is not mean spirited or even bossy.  She is just the kind of person who takes charge of the room and does not let it go.

I know that there have been girls in the White House but I wonder if there have been girls like my daughter.  Malia and Sasha Obama seem like great kids and maybe even come close but I wonder what the girls in the White House have been like.  I think my daughter would definitely be able to straighten out Congress.

The girls in the White House in some sense must experience at least some of the fantasy in living there.  The girls in the White House are in a way playing the world’s greatest doll house with all of the most expensive accessories.  I think my daughter would have a field day with it.

I would be interested in seeing if the girls in the White House were difficult for the Secret Service to work with.  The girls in the White House, if they are anything like my daughter, would keep them on their toes.  My little girl loves to run and does not like to be told where she can and cannot go.  When she starts to run it is usually best to just stay out of the way and let her go.  I wonder if the girls in the White House are anything like that.

Presidential historian Doug Wead wrote a great article on the girls in the White House.  He started with talking about the Obama girls but then took us through the history of the girls in the White House.  It was a joy to read and I even found some of the girls in the White House reminded me of my daughter.

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Still attacking Sarah Palin

I was watching a popular sitcom the other day and was really surprised to see them take a pretty brutal swipe at Sarah Palin.  Now, it was not a surprise that they attacked her.  The people who are on this show have shown their disdain for Sarah Palin and other conservatives.  What surprised me is that they after all of this time they are still attacking her.

The topic of their joke on this show was Sarah Palin’s religion.  The show was trying to make the point that Sarah Palin’s religion would someday doom our country.  Sarah Palin’s religion reduced her to a mindless fanatic who would turn America into a theocracy.  Very funny stuff…I guess.

Sarah Palin’s religion was the topic of a lot of conversation and jabs.  Whenever I heard people talk about Sarah Palin’s religion on television they would automatically assume she did not understand science.  I remember seeing a famous actor comment on Sarah Palin’s religion and his concern that the country could end up with someone in the White House that believed in creationism.  He kept saying that he wanted someone in the White House who understood science.  Sarah Palin’s religion was of major concern to him and he used his celebrity to let America know about it.

Sarah Palin’s religion should be a factor in her political career.  I think that a person’s religion says a lot about them and that it is fair game to examine.  Sarah Palin’s religion was not investigated to find out more about her but used as a stereotype to humiliate her.  Sarah Palin’s religion was used to diminish her to a laughing stock in the media.

Honestly, I never thought that John McCain had a chance to beat Obama.  I do not believe that Sarah Palin’s religion made enough of a factor in the election but that was not the point.  Sarah Palin’s religion was attacked to destroy any future political career.

I think a fair assessment of what someone believes in is fine.  I think it is sad that Sarah Palin’s religion was reduced to a stereotype to attack her future career.

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The Bush brothers

I am fascinated with politics but I am more interested in the people behind the politics.  It is so easy to demonize people and forget that behind the political differences there are real people with real problems.  The high pressure life of being in the White House shows consistently that it is devastating to most of the families.  It is sad to see that while the parents are suited to live in the White House many of their children are not.

I thought about the brothers of George Bush.  While he was in the White House I wonder what effect that had on the brothers of George Bush.  I know that the Bush family is a tightly knit family but I wonder what effect seeing him in the White House had on the brothers of George Bush.

To be honest, I only knew that there was Jeb Bush and maybe one other brother.  The brothers of George Bush have seemingly elected to stay out of the spotlight.  So I started to search online to see who are the brothers of George Bush.  I know that looking up the brothers of George Bush seems to be a little behind the times.  I suppose I began to think about this because the brothers of George Bush have a chance to continue the Bush legacy in politics.

I was able to find out about the brothers of George Bush on a website by presidential historian Doug Wead.  In fact, Doug Wead was able to share some personal stories about the brothers of George Bush and in fact that there is a sister.  I found their insight into their brother interesting and confirmed my suspicion that the brothers of George Bush were tight knit.  I loved reading how the brothers of George Bush joked about him being a clown and that he had no political future.

The brothers of George Bush could continue in politics if they wanted to do that.  I believe the brothers of George Bush, especially Jeb, could make a strong bid for the White House in the next election or so.  I think the country would embrace the brothers of George Bush if they knew more about them.

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