Music is taking over my life

So I have some of my kids in summer camps and my daughter taking ballet lessons.  My son now wants to take voice lessons Haymarket Virginia.  He watches all of those shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent and now he wants to take voice lessons Haymarket Virginia.  I am fine with that but I just do not want him to get caught up in thinking that a few lessons is going to give him a singing career.

I looked up voice lessons Haymarket Virginia and was happy to find that Allegro Community School of the Arts offers this.  They are very convenient to where I live so I think I have solved the first dilemma in my voice lessons Haymarket Virginia saga.  The second part is to convince my kid that he will not be the next American Idol.

I do not want to crush his dreams or anything like that but I want him to know it is fine to just take voice lessons Haymarket Virginia because he enjoys it.  He seems so set on jump starting his career in music that I just do not want him to get false hopes.  I know it is fine to dream when you are a kid but there also has to be a wake up call, too.

Imagine my surprise when he came home after his first voice lesson Haymarket Virginia and let me know that he was going to continue because he enjoyed it.  I asked about his singing career and he told me that his instructor had a long talk with him.  She said that singing was exactly like any other sport where you have to practice and keep certain muscles in shape.  A football player has to stay in different shape than a basketball player and a singer has a different shape to stay in.  Instead of working out the muscles in your arms and legs a singer has to work on the muscles that make them sing.

He realized that getting a music career was going to take a lot of work and that he was just starting his training.  His instructor encouraged him to not give up on his dream but to make sure he loved doing the work it takes to make his dream come true.  He really responded to that and I was grateful for the excellent staff at Allegro Community School of the Arts for helping him get proper perspective.

He is still considering trying out at next year’s American Idol but for now he knows he has a lot of work to do.  I am happy to have found such excellent voice lessons Haymarket Virginia.


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