Guitar Hero

I was sitting in the lobby of Allegro Community School of the Arts and overheard one of the instructors talking to their student.  The kid was saying how they were playing the video game Guitar Hero and the teacher nearly blew a gasket.  You see, this kid wanted to take guitar lessons Haymarket Virginia and thought the video game would be a good start.  The teacher very patiently explained that a video game does nothing to help you become a good musician.  The only way to really do that is to take guitar lessons Haymarket Virginia.

The kid said he had spent hours playing this video game and had gotten really good at it.  The instructor said that if he had spent the same amount of time taking guitar lessons Haymarket Virginia then he would be really great at it.  All of that time he spent on the video game only taught him to press buttons and had nothing to do with guitar lessons Haymarket Virginia.

Then the instructor did something really cool.  He said that the kid could come back and take a trial lesson for free.  The instructor told him to give the real thing a shot and see how great guitar lessons Haymarket Virginia really were.  The kid was blown away and so was the parent.  The instructor had a half hour open so he took the kid back and gave him a free trial guitar lesson Haymarket Virginia.  Needless to say the kid signed up immediately after the lesson.

I guess the old saying is true that there “ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.”  While games like Guitar Hero are fun and a chance to pretend to play like a rock star there is nothing like the real thing.  It may not come as quick and easy as we would like it to but there are rewards in working for the things we really want.

This kid may never be an actual guitar god but it was really cool to see him get more excited about music than a video game.  You just don’t see that kind of thing often enough any more.  Maybe I’ll even sign up for guitar lessons Haymarket Virginia.  If the Rolling Stones are in their 70’s and still rocking who is to say I can’t try it!

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