America’s Got Talent…kind of

First of all, the title of this show drives me crazy.  I am not an expert in grammar but I know that America Has Got Talent ain’t proper, baby.  However, despite the irritating title of the show I find myself actually watching this thing almost religiously.  There are the freak shows, the embarrassing acts, and the total bombs but every once in a while you find something really unique.

There were two things last night that stood out to me.  The first was this guy dressed in a shimmering moo-moo that sang Hallelujah.  Piers Morgan X’d him (is that the right term?) because he did not like the way he butchered the piano.  I thought that was the least of the guy’s problems but that really stood out to me.

One of my kids takes piano lessons Haymarket Virginia and I gotta say she’s gotten pretty good at it.  When she first started it was pretty awful to listen to all night.  I was wondering if letting her take piano lessons Haymarket Virginia was such a good idea.  I am a fan of the arts and everything but these piano lessons Haymarket Virginia were starting to drive me crazy.

But then there was the moment where it all clicked for her and she went from pecking around on the piano to really getting it.  It seems that the piano lessons Haymarket Virginia were really starting to pay off.  I was actually really excited to see that happen.  There was an actual change in the way she carried herself and she couldn’t wait for the next piano lesson Haymarket Virginia to happen.

She spent a lot of time practicing which her instructor at Allegro Community School of the Arts told her would make all of the difference.  My daughter being the by the rules kind of kid attacked that piano every day…thus the cause of my misery.  It started bad but soon it became evident that the piano lessons Haymarket Virginia were really a great thing.

So the guy in the moo-moo made it to the next level but I doubt he will go much beyond that.  And the other thing that stood out to me was Howie Mandel and his condition.  It was something to see him run down the aisle and actually shield himself from touching people.  Poor guy.

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1 Response to America’s Got Talent…kind of

  1. Driftwood says:

    what about the acts that were good? If you’re going to blog about the show, include the good stuff!

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