You just never know about people

You never really know about people.  I don’t mean that in a negative way although you could use it that way.  What I mean is that the more you get to know someone the more layers you find to who they really are.  And the more layers you uncover the more layers there are still to left to go.

Doug Wead is someone with many layers.  The more I have gotten to know Doug Wead in my online searches the more I find out about him.  Doug Wead is someone who has been involved with the most powerful people on the planet.  Doug Wead has been successful in every pursuit in his life.  Doug Wead is a world class presidential historian, New York Times best selling author, former special assistant to President Bush, world relief humanitarian, and model train enthusiast.  Doug Wead had spent years as an internationally known speaker for Amway and is now a speaker for XanGo.

Every site, every blog, every YouTube clip I find there are people who say they have been following Doug Wead for years.  They look forward to his interviews on CNN, FOX news, The Today Show, or any other number of news shows that need insight into presidential politics or historical facts.

You really never know about people.  Doug Wead is an example of someone who has achieved remarkable success but to be honest, you would never really know it by talking to him.  In all of the videos I have seen or blogs I have read you would never get the sense that Doug Wead has had the career he has had.  I think the reason is that Doug Wead does not show any amount of self importance.

I mean, seriously, if I had accomplished half of the things Doug Wead has done with his life I would be using that to get to the front of the line at Starbucks, maybe even a free latte out of it.  I would try to get at least a free appetizer at Bonefish Grill or Outback Steakhouse.  Really, who among us would not be tempted to use that level of accomplishment to get something back out of life.

But that just isn’t Doug Wead’s style.  Doug Wead never comes off as self important.  Watch his videos and you will see that Doug Wead rarely refers to himself.  Even in his stories about his past Doug Wead is constantly giving you insight into someone else.  I think that is a key in what makes a person like Doug Wead as successful as he is – it’s all about others.

Doug Wead is more than just a wealth of American facts.  Doug Wead is more than just a walking history book – although he honestly is that.  Doug Wead is a reminder that success and power does not always corrupt.  I am sure he has made his share of mistakes, just as the rest of us have, but Doug Wead is a great example of a world changing life fueled by humility, dignity, and class.

People like Doug Wead change the world but never rub your nose in it.


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