The men behind the myths

I am fascinated with the real people behind the public persona we see.  I am most fascinated with the men behind the former presidents.  In this political climate we have drawn so many harsh lines and easily demonize our opponents.  I love learning the human element behind these men who lead the world.

A great source for me has been learning this through presidential historian Doug Wead.  I appreciate the human factor presidential historian Doug Wead puts to many of these men I learned about in school.   Presidential historian Doug Wead is filled with so many personal facts about our presidents that brings them to life.

I watched an interview with presidential historian Doug Wead where he was discussing our former presidents.  Presidential historian Doug Wead told us of George Washington and how he was in love with his neighbor’s wife.  The presidential historian went on to say that President Lincoln was considered a buffoon by many of his contemporaries.  Lincoln’s election was considered a sham because of the split in the democratic party.  What we can learn from a presidential historian really brings this all to life.

It is facts like these that help me humanize the men I see on currency.  A presidential historian can not only help us see who came before us but put a frame on who is currently leading us.  The facts and lessons we learn from a presidential historian can inform our decision we make in the ballot box.

I am so appreciative of what I learn every time I see presidential historian Doug Wead interviewed.  I found his insights during the election season helpful in a way that only a presidential historian can bring.  I think the greatest value a presidential historian brings is to remind us that behind the candidate or elected official is a real person with real life experiences.

I am thankful for presidential historians.  Electing a president is one of the most important decisions we can make and the insight of a presidential historian is invaluable.


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