Still attacking Sarah Palin

I was watching a popular sitcom the other day and was really surprised to see them take a pretty brutal swipe at Sarah Palin.  Now, it was not a surprise that they attacked her.  The people who are on this show have shown their disdain for Sarah Palin and other conservatives.  What surprised me is that they after all of this time they are still attacking her.

The topic of their joke on this show was Sarah Palin’s religion.  The show was trying to make the point that Sarah Palin’s religion would someday doom our country.  Sarah Palin’s religion reduced her to a mindless fanatic who would turn America into a theocracy.  Very funny stuff…I guess.

Sarah Palin’s religion was the topic of a lot of conversation and jabs.  Whenever I heard people talk about Sarah Palin’s religion on television they would automatically assume she did not understand science.  I remember seeing a famous actor comment on Sarah Palin’s religion and his concern that the country could end up with someone in the White House that believed in creationism.  He kept saying that he wanted someone in the White House who understood science.  Sarah Palin’s religion was of major concern to him and he used his celebrity to let America know about it.

Sarah Palin’s religion should be a factor in her political career.  I think that a person’s religion says a lot about them and that it is fair game to examine.  Sarah Palin’s religion was not investigated to find out more about her but used as a stereotype to humiliate her.  Sarah Palin’s religion was used to diminish her to a laughing stock in the media.

Honestly, I never thought that John McCain had a chance to beat Obama.  I do not believe that Sarah Palin’s religion made enough of a factor in the election but that was not the point.  Sarah Palin’s religion was attacked to destroy any future political career.

I think a fair assessment of what someone believes in is fine.  I think it is sad that Sarah Palin’s religion was reduced to a stereotype to attack her future career.


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