My father’s shadow

My father casts a long shadow.  In the town where I live many people know him and any time they hear my last name they automatically ask me if I am related to him.  I cannot go to the grocery store or Post Office without being asked that.  He casts a long shadow for me to live under.

I thought about presidential children and how they have a long shadow to live under.  I recently saw some rare footage of presidential children and was delighted to see Chip Carter.  Chip Carter talked about how he was able to come out from under his father’s shadow.  To be honest, this was the first time I had seen Chip Carter.  Chip Carter was able to live his own life and make his own name known.

In the interview presidential historian Doug Wead also was able to talk about presidential children and referenced Chip Carter.  He said that Chip Carter was one of the few examples who were able to get out from under their father’s shadow.  Chip Carter said that his life has been tough and was on his third marriage.

Steve Ford was also on the interview and told how the Secret Service immediately unplugged their equipment when President Carter was sworn in.  Chip Carter laughed and was good natured about it as was Steve Ford.  Chip Carter was the president of the Friendship Foundation and succeeded.  Although named after his father Chip Carter was able to escape the trap of many presidential sons because he humorously pointed out that he was the second born.  Chip Carter said that his older brother was so ugly when he was born that his father refused to give him his name.

My father casts a long shadow but Chip Carter had a much greater shadow to come out from.  I appreciate people like Chip Carter who have things stacked against him but still succeed.  I am glad that I was able to find more about Chip Carter.


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