Model train awards

As I’ve written before my son is a fan of trains.  He goes completely insane for them.  I remember as a child being fascinated by trains and making my dad stop at every train crossing in the hopes that I could see a train.  Sadly, I lost my love for trains when I had to take a cross country trip on Amtrack that included an eight hour layover in Chicago.  Spending twenty four hours on a train sapped all of my love for them.

However, I have to admit that I am starting to get interested in trains again.  Actually, I am getting interested in model trains.  Model trains are fascinating to me, especially when you see the love and detail some people put into them.  I found a website that will post the top ten model trains and even give an award to the best.  Model trains and their complex layouts almost transport you to a different place.

I saw a particular model train layout that took me to somewhere in the mountains of France.  I could not believe that model trains had that kind of power and could bring out the little boy in me again.  My son and watch watched these model trains pass through the village and both of us wished we were actually there.

I suppose there is an art to model trains.  My son likes to take Thomas the Tank Engine train set and build complex tracks.  But it’s not the same as a G Scale model train layout.  There is something special about model trains and their attention to detail.  I am not quite sure what it is about model trains but there is a certain romanticism to them.

I cannot help but hear the Tom Petty song Runaway Train in my head whenever I see model trains.  When I look at the well done model trains there is a part of me that wishes I could hop on board and go wherever the train is taking me.  I guess that is part of the magic of model trains.

I am looking forward to the model train awards and being transported to another place by some of the best layouts in the world.


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