I will never run for US President…

There are a lot of things that I wanted to do with my life.  I remember wanting to be an actor, a firefighter, and an FBI agent.  However, I never had the desire to be a US President.  I’ve watched the toll it takes on their lives and how it ages them.  In the eight years they were in the White House it looked like President Clinton and President Bush aged about twenty years.

I think the greatest deterrent to me is what happens to the children of Presidents.  Children of Presidents have either a great life and do great achievements or crash and burn.  And to add to my concern is what presidential historian Doug Wead said about children of Presidents.  He said that children of Presidents who are first born and are named after their fathers usually died.

My firstborn is named after me so despite the fact that I have no interest in a life in politics I now have another reason to stay out.  Children of Presidents have a tough life.  The interview went on to talk about children of Presidents who succeeded and went on to do great things.  Sons like JFK Jr or President George W Bush were the exception to the rule.

One thing that Doug Wead found in children of Presidents is that many of them wanted to complete the work their father began.  He said that children of Presidents, and many of us, want to either imitate their father or complete their work.  JFK Jr became a publisher because his father always wanted to do that.  George W Bush became synonymous with tax cuts.

Children of Presidents are also placed in a position of celebrity and cannot handle it.  They did not choose to be children of Presidents but are put in this position because of the decision of their father.  No, I will run for President.  I am doing it for my son, and for the overarching reason that I have no chance at all to win.


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