I don’t get Flag Day

We have a lot of holidays and some of them are just bizarre.  I kind of understand arbor day but I do not really get what May Day is all about.  Another holiday I never understood was Flag Day.  I do understand that our flag is important and we should honor it, but do we really need Flag Day to be a national holiday?  I mean, the flag is great but does it need it’s own day?

My son is learning the importance of the flag and even to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  And I am sure on Flag Day his teachers will come up with some sort of explanation of why we have Flag Day.  But I wanted to find out the reason we have Flag Day and why it is important.  So, I went online and found presidential historian Doug Wead explain Flag Day.  I swear, this man is like a walking history book!

Doug Wead explained that the flag first got its importance in war.  The flag signified where you went in battle and if your flag touched the ground then the battle stopped and you lost.  That was so fascinating to me.  Flag Day started to seem a little more important.

Flag Day reminds us that it was our flag that people literally died for in battle.  Flag Day reminds us that carrying the flag into battle was a high honor and incredibly dangerous.  As I watched the interview and saw the same flag from the Star Spangled Banner I started to understand Flag Day.  Flag Day is less about the cloth that waves from a pole and more about the people who gave their life for it.

And then it turns out that Doug Wead’s grandmother’s first cousin (what a mouthful) was actually responsible for pushing Flag Day through Congress.  I think I now appreciate why she did that and why Flag Day is so important.  Flag Day is about all of us and what we each do to make this country great.


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