Charity Awards all stars

I recently got a flyer home from my daughter that was for a fundraiser.  It seems like everywhere I turn around people are trying to ask for money.  There are tons of causes out there and every single one of them need money.  For goodness sakes, I even get hit up for money from places like Starbucks and Facebook.  Everyone is trying to support a cause and raise money.

The flyer my daughter brought home is for the youth orchestra she is in – they want to raise money for a trip they want to go to over the summer.  There are a lot of things to try and raise money for and a lot are even great causes.  I buy Girl Scout cookies, Krispy Kreme donuts, and any other food related fundraising efforts that I can support.

I was looking online and came across an amazing video that I’d never seen before.  It was about an organization called the Charity Awards.  The Charity Awards brings together celebrities, politicians, and notable members of society to simple raise funds for great causes.  The Charity Awards has been around for years and has done great work.  The video I saw showed President Reagan thanking the guests for their work to aid Cambodia.

The Charity Awards brings together people who may normally never get together to change the world.  One named mentioned was presidential historian Doug Wead.  Doug Wead was instrumental in the Charity Awards and was being honored by President Reagan for his great work.  And sure enough, there was video of Doug Wead at the Charity Awards, along with so many recognizable people.  The Charity Awards is a who’s who of celebrities getting together to do something great.

As I watched the Charity Awards I was struck by the fact that people will rally around a great cause.  The Charity Awards is a great example of people who may never be together for any other reason except for a great cause.

I am thankful for the reminder that there is good in the world.  I am thankful that I can see something like the Charity Awards that makes a true difference in the world.  Yes, band trips and Girl Scout uniforms are very important.  I am not trying to lessen their impact.  I was just amazed that things like the Charity Awards are making a difference and really changing the world.

I am thankful for the Charity Awards and for people like Doug Wead.  They make the world a better place.


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