Bullies still exist

My son has a bully at school and it drives me crazy.  My son tries to put on a brave face but there are times when the tears start to roll and I go into a rage.  Now, this bully is in preschool but it still infuriates me.  Maybe I could go after this kid’s dad.

I was also talking to a teenager who was the subject to online bullying.  A bully set up a website and was posting false information about him.  The kids at school started reading this website and started teasing him because of the lies on the internet.  Who knows why people feel compelled to write lies on the internet?  I suppose you can hide behind anonymous names and made up facts but it still comes down to plain lies on the internet.

There was an interesting article about lies on the internet by presidential historian Doug Wead.  His life has been plagued by lies on the internet.  Despite living a life devoted to charity and history someone felt compelled to write lies on the internet to attack him.  His article pointed out that the lies on the internet were written by someone who had never met him.

There is a psychology behind those who post lies on the internet.  Those who post lies on the internet are really trying to make a career off of people like Doug Wead.  Doug Wead has a large following and by posting lies on the internet these people are trying to parasite some of his notoriety for their own gain.  I could feel the frustration that Doug Wead has toward this person posting lies on the internet about him, but he handled it with the class I have grown accustomed to reading in his blogs.

There will always be bullies.  Whether it is the preschooler making my son cry, the high schooler picking on someone online, or the cowards writing lies on the internet they will continue to bully.  However, there are people like Doug Wead who show us how to handle these bullies and lies on the internet with dignity.


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