Where is a good list of US Presidents?

My father is a history teacher.  He likes to flaunt his knowledge on all things history and quiz me endlessly to show off his power.  He once explained US History from the Jamestown settlement through the Vietnam War in three hours when my sister was cramming for her final exams.  The man is a machine.

The only thing my father lacks in is his knowledge of US presidents.  I started looking for a great list of US Presidents and some quick facts.  If I can find a great list of US Presidents then maybe I can hang with my dad.  Maybe if I find a great list of US Presidents then I can survive when he pulls out the Trivial Pursuit cards and quizzes me solely on the history section.

I was looking online and found a great site that has an amazing list of US Presidents.  This list of US Presidents includes a summary of the president’s life and career but also has great links to other sites.  The list of US Presidents I found was created by presidential historian Doug Wead.  The list of US Presidents by Doug Wead is filled with great information on the presidents and even includes presidential portraits.  I was surprised to see how crazy Franklin Pierce’s hair was on the list of US Presidents.  Franklin Pierce could have totally fit in with the 80’s rock band Tears for Fears.

My father doesn’t really gloat about his vast knowledge but he seems to expect his kids to be able to keep up with him.  I am not sure I could ever catch up with him but with the list of US Presidents that I found I can catch the low hanging fruit that he overlooked.

One of the things I found while looking through the list of US Presidents was the vast difference in political parties when our country first started.  The list of US Presidents lists the political party of each president and I was surprised that some of them had a few different political parties they joined.  I was also surprised to find on the list of US Presidents the shortest list presidential candidacy.  Wow, only one month for William Henry Harrison.  That’s tough.

So, watch out dad.  I have Doug Wead and his list of US Presidents on my team.


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