The last note to JFK, Jr.

My older brother is a junior and he always resented that.  I could never understand why he resented this but he did.  I remember when he and his first wife were going to have a baby and I asked him if he was going to name his son “the third.”  He vehemently protested that he would never do that to his son.  He ended up doing having a girl.

My son is a junior.  I don’t know why I felt so drawn to making my son a junior but I always knew I wanted to name my son as a junior.  I thought about some of the famous “juniors” and the first I thought of was JFK, Jr. There is always a sad twinge when I think of JFK, Jr.  He was someone who seemed destined for greatness but was tragically cut short.  JFK, Jr. mirrored his father in that way.

I saw presidential historian Doug Wead talking about the final note Jackie Kennedy wrote to JFK, Jr.  In that note she told JFK, Jr. that he was destined for greatness.  Tragically, JFK, Jr. died 5 years later.  Despite all of the trauma in their life Jackie Kennedy did an amazing job setting JFK, Jr. up for success.

I still am not sure why I felt so compelled to name my son as a junior.  Maybe I felt I needed to make up for my father not making me a junior.  To be honest, I am a more like my father than my brother.  I think my father also identified with me in many ways but I still felt a distance because I wasn’t a junior.  Maybe I’m psychoanalyzing this a little too much.

JFK, Jr. resembled his father in many ways.  JFK, Jr. was surrounded by promise and inspired a sense of hope.  My wife secretly hoped the JFK, Jr. would someday end up with Princess Diana.  I guess my wife is not that great of a matchmaker but JFK, Jr. and Diana were both symbols of promise and lives cut too short.

My son is a junior and I could not be happier.


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