The First Ladies of Mother’s Day

I can’t believe in my rush to get something for mother’s day I forgot to include my own mother in the equation.  I was so busy trying to think up of the perfect gift for my wife that I neglected to think of what to get my mom.  Thankfully I still have a little bit of time to think of that perfect gift.

I saw presidential historian Doug Wead discussing the first ladies and their effect on the children they raised.  The first ladies had a lot on their plate in raising children under the extreme pressure of the White House.  Some were successful while others could not handle the pressure.

I would never have guessed that of the first ladies Hillary Clinton would be considered a successful mother.  I supposed my political leaning automatically clouds my view but Doug Wead pointed out that from the group of recent first ladies Hillary was successful.  Following Jacqueline Kennedy’s advice she kept Chelsea out of the spotlight and navigated the tough affairs and impeachment hearing the family went through.

I laughed when he mentioned that Barbara Bush should be on Mount Rushmore as a representative of the first ladies.  Of all the recent first ladies she also raised a presidential son.  Whether time regards either of their times in the Oval Office as successful or not, Barbara Bush is high among successful first ladies.

The first ladies also saw their share of tragedies but that’s almost to be expected.  For the first ladies to raise their children inside of the pressure cooker of the White House they would have an added pressure few moms would ever endure.  I appreciated what Doug Wead said of the first ladies successes that rings true to any mother.  The most successful first ladies had children who perceived that they were loved.  Beyond just saying it and meaning it, the successful first ladies had children who believed that they were loved.  That shows these first ladies taking the extra step to take the point of view from the perspective of their children.

I would hope that every mom would have the same viewpoint of these successful first ladies.


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