Is Jackie Kennedy the best presidential mom ever?

I am in shock with the way I saw a mother treating her son at the stores.  The boy was very young and naturally wanted to go to the candy aisle.  His mother started to yell at him and berate him for not following her.  People turned to stare and instead of having a sense of propriety the mother raised her volume.  The young boy burst into tears which only spurred his mother to yell louder.  She actually told him to quiet down and stop crying.

I recently saw a special where presidential parents were being discussed.  Jackie Kennedy was discussed as the best presidential mother ever.  Jackie Kennedy is considered to be the standard setter in how presidential mothers can successfully raise their children in the White House.  Jackie Kennedy kept her children out of the spotlight and tried to keep things as normal for them as possible.  Jackie Kennedy was very strict with the media and kept them away from the kids.

I saw presidential historian Doug Wead discuss how the famous photos of the Kennedy children were actually taken while Jackie Kennedy was out of town.  Jackie Kennedy put her children first, even before the pressures and demands of the White House.  Jackie Kennedy wrote a note to JFK, Jr. telling him that his life was full of promise.  Tragically, JFK, Jr. died five years later.

Bill and Hillary Clinton invited Jackie Kennedy to the White House. Jackie Kennedy was adamant that they keep Chelsea out of the media spotlight.  Jackie Kennedy gave sound advice to the Clinton’s that was instrumental in keeping Chelsea strong during the many storms their family faced.

I could see how the argument could be made where Jackie Kennedy was one of the greatest presidential mothers ever.  Jackie Kennedy carried her children through tragedy after tragedy.  While many presidential children ended up making tragic choices Jackie Kennedy chose her children over the priorities of the White House.

If only that mother in the store could have a talk on child rearing with Jackie Kennedy.


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