Celebrity Apprentice featuring Pat Boone

I hate to admit it but I am a huge fan of the Celebrity Apprentice.  Seeing famous people under pressure having to do sometimes “everyday” jobs is a lot of fun.  And honestly, what I really watch it for is the boardroom fights.  The way they are hugging during the task but fighting during the boardroom is a classic insight into American celebrity.

Of course, they are playing for charity which helps bring a focus to the show.  Beyond the egos and divas there is a real cause they are there trying to support.  As I was looking up charities online I came across some footage of Pat Boone receiving applause for his charity work.  Pat Boone?  Charity work?  To be quite honest, the last time I’d actually seen Pat Boone was that video where he loses his toupee.  But there was President Reagan honoring Pat Boone for his lifetime of charity work.

I have to admit that really impressed me.  I honestly would never have associated Pat Boone with charity work.  I did not know that Pat Boone was the spokesman for the Easter Seals.  I did not know that charity work was such a huge part of the life that Pat Boone leads.  Honestly, I was surprised that President Reagan took the time to honor Pat Boone for all of the great work he had done.

Then right after President Reagan honors Pat Boone he honors Doug Wead for his relief efforts.  I am used to seeing him on the major networks talking about presidential facts.  I did not expect him to be mentioned in the same speech as Pat Boone.  And for him to be grouped with Pat Boone in honoring their charity work.

I wonder how Pat Boone would have done on Celebrity Apprentice.  If supporting charities were such a major part of his life then I would suspect Pat Boone would do quite well.  I would probably cringe if Pat Boone ever had to go into the boardroom.  I would hate to see Pat Boone be attacked or go on the offensive.  Either way, I would cheer Pat Boone all the way to the end.


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