Is Laura Bush history’s best First Lady?

I had an opportunity recently to spend some time with my mother.  It always amazes me to hang out with her now because she is not the same person she was 20 years ago.  There were some tragic events that occurred in my mother’s life that forever changed her.  People who meet her now have no idea of the dramatic changes my mother has undergone.

This reminds me of something I saw the other day online.  I came across a clip talking about Laura Bush. The question was whether Laura Bush was history’s best First Lady.  Laura Bush certainly had a lot of popularity, and regardless of whether you liked her husband there was not a whole lot of criticism against her.  In this interview presidential historian Doug Wead was being interviewed about his knowledge of the Bush family.

Doug Wead mentioned something I had not known.  He talked about a car accident that Laura Bush had been involved in where the driver of the other car had died.  The accident was Laura Bush’s fault and as it turned out the person driving the other car was her boyfriend.  This tragic event forever changed and defined Laura Bush.

Doug went on to say that he had seen Laura Bush in pressure situations where she approached them with grace and dignity.  When Teresa Heinz-Kerry attacked her Laura Bush did not fire back but responded with kindness.  Doug pointed out that the tragic car accident allowed Laura Bush to face an incredible amount of pressure and survive.

The host asked if Laura Bush really was a saint and Doug made an interesting response.  He said that it was the sin that defined the saint.  The car accident that could have destroyed Laura Bush instead defined her character.

I think about my mother and how the tragic circumstances of her life nearly destroyed her.  The same determination and survival instinct that shaped Laura Bush eventually came through for my mother.

Is Laura Bush history’s best First Lady?  I think Laura Bush is one of history’s best ladies.


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