The path of Caroline Kennedy

I had a friend whose brother recently passed away.  My friend is the sole remaining survivor of his family.  Both of his parents and his sister had passed away years ago.  Now, last month, his brother passed away leaving my friend all alone.  He is in a state of shock right now because his brother passed away tragically.

This made me think about Caroline Kennedy.  She is the last remaining member of her family.  Caroline Kennedy has watched every member of her family buried.  Like my friend, Caroline Kennedy is by herself.

My friend did not expect to be the last surviving member of his family.  His parents died years ago of natural causes with the father passing first.  His mother passed a few years later.  His sister tragically passed four years ago of a heart condition.  Last month, like Caroline Kennedy, his brother died in a tragic plane crash.  In fact, when I heard the news I immediately thought of Caroline Kennedy and her tragic past.

I saw presidential historian Doug Wead discussing Caroline Kennedy and her consideration for public office.  I found it fascinating that Doug Wead compared Caroline Kennedy to Robert Todd Lincoln.  I never knew that Caroline Kennedy had as many similarities in life as Robert Todd Lincoln. Both fathers were assassinated, both were considered for public office, and both tried to continue the legacy of their parents.

Caroline Kennedy seems like someone who shows grace under pressure.  I’m sure the media frenzy of her life hasn’t made things easier but Caroline Kennedy shows no signs of cracking under the pressure.

My friend is still in a deep state of grief and shock.  I can’t imagine him being in any other condition than that right now.  I am glad to see an example like Caroline Kennedy as someone I can point him to and find strength.  Caroline Kennedy has suffered greatly with the loss of her family, even the recent passing of Ted Kennedy, but she has held herself up well.

My friend will get through this and Caroline Kennedy serves as a reminder that he can make it.


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