Children of power – Julie Nixon

My sister and her husband are celebrating the ten year anniversary of their business this weekend.  Ten years ago my brother in law started with an idea and an empty bank account.  This weekend he is nearing the multimillion dollar mark in his enterprise. I have watched him go from nothing to president of his own corporation.

I am particularly interested in seeing what my nephew and niece will be like this weekend.  My brother in law and my sister allow them to roam free around the office and even feel a sense of ownership.  This reminded me of a special I saw on presidential children.  Julie Nixon was being interviewed about life in the White House.  I know my brother in law’s business isn’t the same but there are similarities.

Like Julie Nixon my nephew and niece are treated like a form of royalty.  Julie Nixon enjoyed the spotlight and prestige that came from what her dad did for a living.  My nephew and niece enjoy the same form of prestige.

I saw an interesting clip where Julie Nixon was commenting on Camp David.  This was part of special on presidential children that was in large part based on the work of Doug Wead.  Julie Nixon was talking about the Bush family wanting to rename Camp David after a brother.  Julie Nixon told them to do it.  I appreciated the attitude of Julie Nixon and her willingness to allow someone else to enjoy the prestige of the presidential office.

I wonder if my nephew and niece will show the same grace of Julie Nixon.  In a small sense they are under the microscope of the employees and customers of the company.  If they decide not to follow in mom and dad’s footsteps someone else will take over.  Will they follow in the example of Julie Nixon.

I know my nephew and niece are not in the same league as Julie Nixon but I hope they can show the same reserve.  Maybe this weekend I’ll have teach them about presidential children and show them this clip with Julie Nixon.  She would be a great reminder to them of the things we hold on to and the things we need to pass on.


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