Obama girls going to school together

I have a son and a daughter who will be going to school together next year.  My daughter is almost done with Kindergarten and my son is in Pre-K.  They love being able to go together to the same school.  I thought about Sasha and Malia and how great it is that the Obama girls get to attend school together.

It’s been fun to watch the Obama girls live through the experience of seeing their dad elected to office.  The wide eyed wonder in the Obama girls makes me remember that behind the title there are real people with real families.  I remember hearing about the Kennedy kids and how the country loved watching them.  There was not a whole lot of that in the previous few administrations but President Obama seems to have struck the right balance with the Obama girls.

Despite any personal political leaning I may have I am forced to admit that the president wins me over any time I see him with the Obama girls.  In this time of political pressure and in fighting, economic collapse and joblessness it’s refreshing to see the Obama girls going to school and smiling.  The Obama girls playing outside with their dog is a pleasant reminder that the President is a father.

I recently saw an interview with Doug Wead on CNN where he talked about the Obama girls.  Doug Wead said that many presidents decided to keep their kids from the spotlight while the Obama girls are in the spotlight for now.  The Obama girls and their first day of school was a stressful day for them.  In our desire to see them and know them we forget that the Obama girls are people, too.  Despite our fascination with the Obama girls we forget that the spotlight can also be harmful to them.

My kids have each other and I’m grateful for that.  I am glad that during this whirlwind experience the Obama girls have each other as well.


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