Michelle Obama on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and I have to really get something great for my wife.  She works full time, has an additional part time job, and really takes the lead raising our kids.  I don’t deserve to have her for my wife but while she’s still here I have to knock it out of the park with a great Mother’s Day gift.

I would be interested in seeing what President Obama does for Michelle Obama on Mother’s Day.  There really hasn’t been a first lady in quite some time that seems as down to earth as Michelle Obama.  Laura Bush seemed like a nice enough person but Michelle Obama seems a lot like someone you’d run into at the grocery store.  I know that Michelle Obama comes from an Ivy League school but from what I see on the media she just seems normal in a good way.

I find some similarities to my wife and Michelle Obama.  Both my wife and Michelle Obama have to keep a tight schedule for their work and family life.  Something I saw presidential historian Doug Wead talk about on CNN really struck me.  He said that the president and Michelle Obama need to make sure they use their celebrity to catch their girls doing the right thing.  I could totally see Michelle Obama being that kind of parent.  I know my wife is that way.

I like my kids sticking to the rules and not getting out of line.  Like Michelle Obama, my wife identifies the positive that my kids do throughout the day.  Michelle Obama has done a great job of balancing her work as a first lady and as a mom.  I think Michelle Obama has her daughters in the public eye just enough for us to get to know them.

Like the president, I really have to get a great gift for my wife on Mother’s Day.  Regardless of my political leaning I have to admit that the president and Michelle Obama are setting a high standard for parents across the country.


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