I miss Ronald Reagan

I remember as a kid sitting on the couch and watching the replay of President Ronald Reagan getting shot.  I can vividly see the Secret Service agent diving to protect President Reagan and get him into the car.  I remember the chaos that surrounded the whole event and the feeling of unease I felt as a child watching it all unfold.

I think it was at that moment where I realized the importance of the presidential office.  Sitting there realizing that the leader of our country had just been shot brought to me the importance of the office and the man who holds that office.  Ronald Reagan had captured my attention during the debates and his campaign.  From his wit and humor to his inspiring message Ronald Reagan made a young boy sitting too close to the television care about his country.  Reagan made that little boy believe that America could be great again.

As I looked up Ronald Reagan on the web I came across a clip of Reagan thanking none other than Doug Wead.  President Reagan was thanking Doug Wead for his efforts in charity work.  It was good to see President Reagan again, even if it was for a brief clip on YouTube.  Somehow hearing the President’s voice again soothed me.  During this time of struggle in our country economically I had to admit it was darn good to hear his voice again.  And I came to the conclusion that I miss Ronald Reagan.

I wonder what Ronald Reagan would do in this new reality of global terrorism where our enemies aren’t confined to a country or location.  I wonder how Ronald Reagan would have handled the housing crisis and economic collapse.  How much safer would our country be right now if Ronald Reagan had been around for the post 9/11 era?

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it.  I really miss Ronald Reagan.  I wish there were someone who would carry on the work Ronald Reagan did to make our country great.


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