I might give XanGo a try

I have two things that I love, food and television.  And the more I can combine my two loves the happier I am.  But the problem is that I am incredibly unhealthy and filled with useless trivia.  I had a friend recommend to me XanGo and I thought, “oh great, XanGo sounds like another pyramid scheme with some worthless product people are trying to shill.”

So, I did what any person would do, I looked up XanGo online.  Sure, there were some detractors but I found some amazing research and support for XanGo.  The story of how the company started and how XanGo has grown over time was intriguing.  There are people who are passionate for Xango and what it is doing for their lives.  And on top of all of the health benefits, people are making a lot of money selling XanGo.

One of the clips I found online was of Doug Wead on Fox News.  The two hosts were trying to stump him with crazy trivia questions about the fourth of July.  Doug Wead answered every question right off of the top of his head but then at the end mentioned XanGo.  I was pretty surprised to see Doug Wead mention XanGo on Fox News.  What in the world does Doug Wead and XanGo have in common?

Then as I continued to research XanGo I found that Doug Wead is actually a speaker for XanGo.  After being with Amway for 30 years Doug Wead made the switch the XanGo.  He travels the world helping networkers find their path with XanGo.  In the interview Doug talked about his excitement to be a part of XanGo.

So, maybe I’ll give XanGo a try.  I’m not sure I’m ready to start selling it to all of my family and friends but with all of the health benefits XanGo offers I thought, why not, let’s give it shot. I could certainly use the boost XanGo gives and maybe it’ll get me out from in front of the television.


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