Chelsea Clinton for president?

I thought I read somewhere that Chelsea Clinton was considering running for office.  I thought that had to be a mistake.  You can see what the White House did to her family and all of the political pressure it put on her.  It nearly ruined her parents marriage and with Chelsea Clinton’s wedding coming soon I just can’t imagine her running for political office.

I got curious to see if there were other instances of family members running for political office.  The most obvious political family that comes to mind is the Bush family and their recent reign in American politics.  Whatever your political leaning is you have to admit that they have done what few families have ever done.

But Chelsea Clinton running for political office?  I just can’t imagine her doing anything like that.  I did a search online and sure enough I saw an image of a button that said “Chelsea Clinton” for 2016.  I couldn’t believe it!  It had to be a joke of some kind.  I just can’t imagine that poor girl wanting anything to do with politics.

So I continued my search online to see if I could find more information and came across Doug Wead.  He is a presidential historian and has actually studied political families and the children of U.S. presidents.  I found a YouTube of Chelsea Clinton where Doug Wead talking on FOX News about this very thing.  There was the button I saw of Chelsea and the host was just as shocked as I was.

Doug Wead explained that this was very common among political families.  He said that some of the presidential families don’t want to give up the power so they make plans for their siblings and children to run.  Again, with Chelsea Clinton’s wedding coming soon I just can’t imagine her even thinking about running for office.

I found Doug Wead very interesting and in the interview he explained that he worked for George W. Bush while George H.W. Bush was president.  Doug went on to explain the plan they had for George W and the brothers of George Bush to be involved in political office.  It was pretty fascinating. Doug even has a website that focuses on the Chelsea Clinton wedding called Chelsea Clinton wedding watch.

I guess if Chelsea wants to run for president or any other political office that’s her prerogative.  I would just hope to see her married, happy, and under less scrutiny than her parents have had to endure.


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