I saw this on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding watch

I was watching the news yesterday and saw someone on it that reminded me of Chelsea Clinton.  I started to wonder about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.  Did she actually get married and what happened at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.  I started to do some searches on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to see if there were any updates on what happened.

I could only imagine what kind of wedding Chelsea Clinton would have.  With Bill and Hillary in the same place hanging out with their daughter, the politicians that would have been invited to Chelsea’s wedding, I would imagine it would be the event to attend.

How much money would they actually spend on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.  I bet it would be a lot of money spent on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.  Could you imagine what the dress would look like and who would have picked Chelsea’s wedding dress out?  I really don’t see Hillary being the kind of woman who would pick out Chelsea’s wedding dress.

And then there’s poor Chelsea.  Chelsea Clinton has gone through a lot in the press and her family has been through some tough spots.  Would Chelsea Clinton’s wedding be a place that reopened all of these hurts and wounds.  Would Chelsea Clinton’s wedding be a media frenzy? Would Chelsea Clinton’s wedding be a paparazzi paradise?

I imagine poor Chelsea Clinton would just want a wedding that focused on her and not the circus that her parents life has been.  And then I found a website that is totally devoted to the Chelsea Clinton wedding watch.  I learned that her boyfriend is Marc Mezvinsky, son of Democratic congressman Ed Mezvinsky.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding watch also has a YouTube of Chelsea Clinton announcing her engagement.  Presidential Historian Doug Wead also gives his insight into Chelsea’s wedding and the history of presidential children.

I will continue to visit Chelsea Clinton Wedding Watch to get more updates.

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1 Response to I saw this on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding watch

  1. MsOfficer says:

    Did you know there was a Clinton on welfare??
    It’s as crazy as it sounds


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